New Member Programme

Our club participates in long-range prone rifle shooting at distances from 300M to 800M on the Hornsby Rifle Range.

For beginners who want to come and try shooting – we run a series of New Membership Programmes throughout the year. This provides you with the opportunity to shoot club rifles under the supervision of an experienced coach and separate to our afternoon club competition. It also provides an opportunity for licenced shooters who are not members of our club to confirm their zero and equipment prior to joining an afternoon shoot.
By law, if you are unlicensed for target shooting you will be required to complete a P650 form and provide photo ID before participating in the program.
Please note: Minors (under 18 years) MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian for the duration of their attendance and at all times whilst on the rifle range.

The New Member Program consists of two stages:

Range Orientation:
Orientation enables you to be fully versed in our range operating and safety procedures before you try our sport. You are invited to attend orientation any Saturday afternoon however it is essential that you advise us of your intended visit. You can attend the range on a Saturday afternoon from 12.30pm. You will be provided with safety information, see the range in operation, understand the electronic target scoring system and meet club members. Email us at to book a range orientation visit.

Saturday morning:
We open the range on a scheduled Saturday morning specifically for beginners and licenced shooters who are not yet club members. We use manual targets which allows us to prove known zeros for experienced shooters who would like to join us in a club shoot. Commencement time depends upon the number of participants but is usually 9.30am. The session commences with a safety briefing in our clubhouse prior to moving to the 300m mound. Planned dates are outlined in our Range Program.

Bookings need to be made in advance and participants will need to attend orientation prior to the day of your booking.
Bookings for the New Member Program are mandatory and can be made through the Send Enquiry page.