Full Membership

Full membership of our rifle club is by invitation and will be approved by the club committee. There are two membership categories within our club; social members (non-shooters) and shooting members. Along with our club membership we need to pay fees to various associations whose roles are explained briefly as follows:

North Shore District Rifle Association
Organises and promotes team matches, open competitions and the champion of champions matches

North Shore Regional Target Shooting Complex Management Association
Pays annual rent for the rifle range and maintains the shooting complex and grounds

New South Wales Rifle Association
Provides Insurance Cover to all shooting members for participation in the sport, organises the State Championships, teams matches and promotes the sport to the community

National Rifle Association Australia
Provides Additional Insurance Cover for re-loading on club premises and organises National Championships, international team matches and is the peak body for long range target shooting in Australia.

The Federation of Hunting Club
Provide us with discount insurance and the necessary peak organising body to maintain our status as a registered hunting club. Fees for this body are included in our club membership.

Temporary Membership

We understand that people who have not tried our sport before will need time to assess whether they enjoy the sport and feel comfortable with the culture of our club. We cater for beginners through our New Member Programme. To participate as an unlicensed beginner, you will be required to complete a P650 Form and provide photo ID when you attend our scheduled New Member Programme. Provided your P650 is in order you will be able to spend up to three months with us during our Saturday afternoon shoots under the supervision of a licensed club member. This gives you time to commence the process of gaining your licence.

Temporary membership is included in the cost of the New Member programme.

We suggest that if you are not licenced, have not previously participated in long-range shooting and are unsure if this is the sport or club for you – that you take temporary membership of our club initially. This will provide you with temporary membership of the NSWRA as well as temporary membership of our club. The temporary membership fee is refunded if you become a full club member within three months.

Please note that all members of our Hornsby RSL Rifle Club (except juniors) must be also members of the Hornsby RSL Club. Application for membership of the RSL Club can be made on line here: Hornsby RSL – Membership.
Your Hornsby RSL membership card number is required as part of the application for membership. In addition to annual membership, club members pay range fees for range attendance.
Please contact us for further information on becoming a member.

Please contact us for further information on becoming a member.