Frequent Ask Questions

I do not have a licence how do I get to see if I like long range target shooting?
Our new member programme offers unlicensed participants the opportunity to try shooting under coached conditions provided you can successfully complete a P650 form. For safety reasons and to see how our club operates we ask you to attend range orientation. You will be provided with all the equipment required.

I am licenced for hunting and would like to try long range target shooting to improve my skills?
Our new member programme is perfect for you. You can use manual targets at 300m and will be provided with advice on equipment needed and disciplines we shoot so you can make a decision on what style of rifle shooting you wish to pursue.

How much is membership?
As a guide, for the 2015/16 year our annual senior member fee was $407.00. (Under 21 is discounted) In addition club members pay a range fee each attendance. Temporary membership is $30.00 which is refunded if full membership is approved within 3 months.

How do I get my shooting license?
Our club can help you in the process of applying for your licence. Full membership of our club provides you with the ‘genuine reason’ for A/B target and hunting licence. We can assist you in understanding the application process which is outlined in detail on the NSW Firearms Registry website. The firearms safety council mandatory testing can be administered at our club on a Saturday afternoon by appointment via contact us. Full membership of our club is by invitation and you will need to attend our New Members Programme using a P650 form (PDF 1.23MB) in order to be assessed for membership of our club.

What equipment am I allowed to use?
Please use the contact us page for details on whether your equipment is compliant or refer to the Standard Shooting Rules on NRAA website.

I want to come and shoot at your range during the week what hours are you open?
The Hornsby RSL Rifle club is one of 6 clubs that uses the range on a Saturday afternoon between 1pm and 4.30pm. We do not have access to the main range at other times.

I am a licenced shooter and want to visit your club.
Licenced shooters with appropriate equipment and a proven zero who are members of NSWRA/NRAA are welcome to shoot with us on a Saturday afternoon. Please contact us to let us know of your intended visit so we can welcome you. Members of SSAA should refer to the New Members Programme and contact us via the enquiries page.

Do you sell gift vouchers?
Due to the regulatory requirements and our limited access to the range, we don’t sell gift vouchers however please refer to our New Membership Programme if you would like to experience long-range rifle target shooting we would be happy to welcome you to one of our beginners’ sessions.